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Kids Need to Know is a first-of-its-kind online platform that offers parents, caregivers and teachers the tools and motivation they need to start the conversation and educate their young children or students about sexual-health, body science, boundaries and consent. 

Developed by BIRDHOUSE Kids in collaboration with experts, educators and parents, we provide information and curated resources in support of our belief that "Knowledge is Protection" and the time has come for communities to "grow up" and become sexually mature to empower our children, they are depending on us!

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Meg Hickling

R.N.  C.M. O.B.C  LL.D

Pioneer  |  Contributor

Mother of 1 girl and 2 boys

Grandmother of 2 girls and 5 boys

For over 40 years, Meg has been dispelling the myths and advocating that "knowledge is protection!" Meg encourages parents to start talking about sex as early as possible, using a light tone, humor and every listening skill they possess . We are grateful to have Meg as a major contributor to Kids Need to Know helping us deliver this message.  As an award-winning educator and bestselling author of several books on the subject, she is able to convey difficult and controversial material with sensitivity and warmth. Her vision and influence on families, schools and communities worldwide have earned her many awards including The Distinguished Service to Families Award, The Canadian Home and School Federation’s Health Award, The Order of British Columbia as well as the prestigious Order of Canada.


Edouard Sitbon

Editor  |  Creative Director

Father of 2 boys

Edouard has been developing and creating educational content for children and families for over 20 years. However, when he heard from the renowned educator Meg Hickling, that sexual-health education should start as early as possible, “even from birth” as she described it, he was stunned; As a father his kids were “too old” to speak about sex in a casual way so he decided to create a solution for other parents. Edouard produced the first interactive sexual-health education app that finally allowed parents to start the conversation early, in a fun and engaging way. Five years later, with Kids Need to Know, he wants to expand on this mission and make sure more parents understand the life-saving significance of early sexual health education. He hopes to boost their courage and offer them the resources to start talking about sex and boundaries as early as possible, for a safe, healthy and happy life.


Kellie Diguangco

Community Manager  |  Literacy Advocate


Mother of 4 boys

Kellie moved from years of teaching to advocating, marketing and building a children’s literacy community. Recognizing the importance of books as the first way we introduce children to the world, her mission has been to help kids build a lifelong love of reading . Parents want to fill their children’s lives with stories that are beautiful, rich, diverse and to help educate them. As a mother to four children, she understands the important impact Kids Need to Know will have on the community. With new books, apps and activities released every year, Kellie joins the team to help promote this variety of resources that will help educate children in body science so that they can feel positive and safe about their bodies.


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