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Books about Body Science

Professor Astro Cat's Human Body Odyssey

by Dominic Walliman and Ben Newman

Professor Astro Cat and the gang help readers journey through the wondrous parts of the human body. 

Boys, Girls & Body Science

by Meg Hickling
Illustrated by Kim LaFave

Specifically designed for young readers, Boys, Girls Body Science walks children through the wonders of their bodies in a direct, easy-to-read manner. 

Books about boundaries and body safety

Miles is the Boss of His Body

by Samantha Kurtzman-Counter
and Abbie Schiller

A comic-book style book for younger kids teaching respect and support for personal boundaries.

No Means No!

by Jayneen Sanders

Teaching Personal Boundaries, Consent; Empowering Children by Respecting Their Choices and Right to Say 'No!' 

Books for expecting siblings

What's Growing in MOMMY'S TUMMY?

by Rachel Qiuqi-Li 

Using fruit as a visual  — something children are familiar with — to illustrate how big the baby is growing from month to month as the pregnancy progresses. Make sure to emphasize that babies actually grow in the uterus, our approach is a scientific one. 

Books about body positivity

Love Your Body

by Jessica Sanders
Illustrated by Carol Rossetti

Girls of all shapes, skin tones and abilities are represented and given the tools they need to love and appreciate their bodies.