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Clementine Wants to Know... Where Do Babies Come From?


Meet Clementine! She’s a precocious six-year-old dynamo with an outsized curiosity about the world around her. When Clementine finds out she is having a baby brother, she embarks on a journey to learn where babies come from and what it’s like to be a big sister. Along the way, Clementine explores love and birth.


This interactive tool offers just the right mixture of storytelling and scientific facts to provide fun answers to " How the baby get in there?” and "How will it get out?" It provides factual information for adults and for children, with beautiful illustrations, fun characters, and playful animation that make this an engaging learning experience.

Here are some of the concepts that the app introduces:

  • Human anatomy

  • Love

  • Reproduction

  • Pregnancy and Birth

  • Different kinds of families

  • Taking care of the baby

screenshot o the app Clementine Wants to Know

Available for smartphones and tablets