4 Reasons

why you should start talking about sexual-health and boundaries as soon as possible:


Reason 1

It's much easier when they're young

Children in the preschool years are the easiest to talk with. You are teaching them science and health and they accept this information like any other information. Don’t wait and let your silence teach your child that your family cannot talk about this subject.


Reason 2

It would be better to get answers from you

Children are curious by nature. If you don’t give them the information, they will look for it somewhere else. Other kids, the media or the internet may provide them with myths, misunderstandings, deviancy, and exploitation. Start early to position yourself as a reliable and trusted source.


Reason 3

It will reduce the risk of sexual abuse

Children who are educated about healthy bodies and healthy sexuality are more protected from abuse and exploitation. Because these children know that it’s ok to discuss sex with their mom or dad, they are far more likely to report if someone tries to take advantage of them. An innocent and uneducated child is unsafe and poorly protected.


Reason 4

They will have a safer future when they grow up

Teens and young adults who have learned in an open way at home are far less sexually active, promiscuous, and unsafe in relationships. They also feel more secure, happy and successful in their daily lives.

So there you have it. We said it loud and clear and we hope that becoming aware of those reasons encourages you to start early to talk about sex. Remember, there's nothing shameful about the way we make babies and even less shame in learning about our bodies. We adults need to force ourselves, force our communities, to grow up. We must become more sexually mature to help our children.

They are depending on us.


All you need to start the talk at an early age

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